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Insurance disbursements


I have performed insurance work on Carrington Mortgage companies client' s home. Back in March an inspector came and inspected my work and deemed me to be 80% complete. Then Carrington released the partial funds from the insurance company to the roofer, who had not stepped foot on the property nor delivered any materials! I was paid nothing. Carrington admitted to their mistake of paying the wrong contractor but offered no correction of he mistake. The client graciously paid some out of her pocket. I was owed around $51, 000.00 and client was able to pay me $19, 000.00. I received another $12, 000.00 and I'm still owed the remainder of my contract and the rest of the money Carrington is holding belongs to my client to reimburse her the money she paid out of her pocket. Now the work has been completed since early June and every time we call to get an update, it's always something new! Updated Conditional Lien Release Waiver( I have sent three final ones), third party authorization form(we have sent two and many verbal from client). Last week 7/28/2021, everything was in order and I was told to check back this week to see if it was being released. Today I was told same old thing, need an updated conditional lien release wavier, and they cannot talk to me because they need another third party authorization form. This money isn't even theirs! It was approved and paid through her insurance company. We had to endorse insurance check and send to Carrington, because we follow rules. Now they are dragging this poor elderly lady through the mud. She just lost her husband 1.5 years ago and then last September lost her son during the hurricane that damaged her home. I have been having to help her navigate through this whole process because it's too much for her. Her late husband always took care of things like this. Now I am left with no choice but to file a lien. Now there will be additional fee's and cost to do this. If I do not file a lien I will lose all rights to my money. Do you think Carrington cares that this poor lady will have to pay even more now? They are heartless and I wouldn't finance a dog house with Carrington. Shame on them!
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