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Inspection and tire service


I have been a customer of Firestone for over 20 years but not anymore. First of all when I went to get my car inspected in December 2020 I was told that my exhaust system needed to be replaced at a total of $800.00. I took it for a second opinion and found out that just 2 pipes needed soldered. This saved me $ 650.00 and made me completely mistrust Firestone. This week I went to another tire company to have 2 tires replaced only to be told that one of the lug nuts had been seized and it needed a stud replacement for $ 84.80. I feel I should be compensated for this since it was a problem caused by Firestone. I spoke to the store manager who gave me no satisfaction saying I had no proof. He looked up my records and did see a tire rotation done in December but refused to listen to reasoning. You have not only lost my business but also my daughters, sons, son-in-law, sister and brother-in-law plus many others I have referred to you. Ever since the store manager in Exton Pa., Andy, left the service that has been provided has been inferior and I feel that because I am a women I am being taken advantage of. Good riddance Firestone, I'm done with you. Pat Savastio
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