Hostlyt / Server Group
Hostlyt / Server Group
14 October, 2020 → by MariuI
Hostlyt it’s a SCAMM

Stay away from these scammers.

I’m a customer for about 3 weeks and I managed to send the incredible amount for … 200 emails using their services.

After a few days the web app didn’t send anything, can’t connect to the email server – only error mesages.
they didn’t answer for days to my tickets and when they did, they merged 2 or 3 messages in one short and vaue answer.

I keep telling them that I can’t connect, I can’t send, etc and they replied after a few days that they did some test , with other apps and all is fine.

Further more, the final sending URL has their trail “sendz.mail” which is blacklisted. I tested an email (with only informational text) and I get a score of … 2.7 . They replied to my ticket that all DKIM, SPF are good on their end.

My advice – look somewhere else, is a fraud

PS: although I didn’t take any risk with them, avoid also because they have a very similar approach and use the same server, could be the same guys: vs

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