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help with online banking problems


I was trying to get rid of an "requires immediate attention" item involving a payee. I couldn't eliminate the message, so I tried an online "chat." After waiting a considerable amount of time, I got connected to someone. After another half hour of discussion, the "helper" couldn't help. I called the help line, waited for another half hour, and that person referred me to a different number. Another half hour and no-one answered. This morning I tried again, and requested the person call me, since the wait time was 25 minutes. The person did call, but said he'd get me over to someone who could help. I said, "Now don't you lose me." After a few minutes of silence, I got a fast busy signal. That's absolutely rotten. Eventually, with my extreme frustration at your help systems, I eliminated the payee altogether. FIX YOUR SO-CALLED HELP SYSTEM. And don't bother apologizing, saying we're experiencing an extra heavy load, etc. You can tell me what you are doing to correct this horrible service.
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Yes, it takes a lot of patience to reach customer support ,It’s absolutely frustrating. Sometimes I was on hold for more than an hour, moreover that does not mean that they will help you.
Pippa | October 05, 2021 | Reply
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