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Fraudulent Outragious Damage Claim


I live in the UAE and had traveled to Switzerland this summer. I had rented a car from Alamo/Enterprise/National Rent a Car and I firmly believe and also been independently advised that I have been unfairly charged for a minor damage by the Rental Company after 18 days stay in Switzerland. Upon returning the car on July 28th, 2021; the rental company had sent me invoice while I was boarding the plane and charged an outrageous amount (CHF 1, 500 +VAT) to my Credit Card for the "damage". It was not a damage but rather a paint off the bumper while dragging the luggage off the truck (pictures attached as sent by the Rental Company). Upon inquiry, I was told that they will send a proper invoice after 2 weeks of actual assessment of the "damage" and will reimburse any additional charges if any for such damage. 2 weeks after the charges and after chasing the rental company, I was initially invoiced as the car appeared to be badly damaged (please see the invoice sent for body parts and labour for Ford Fiesta - a car that I didn't even rent) and when challenged to resend the correct invoice, the rental company sent the revised invoice 2 weeks later and it was shocking to me that the charges for 2 minor scratches is exactly the same as they had charged another client for a (as it appeared) heavily damaged car . Just compare the 2 different invoices they sent (Ford Fiesta vs Seat Leon - the car that I had rented). I instructed the rental company via email that I disagree with the charges and they simply said that they cannot help as this is what the workshop provided. Immediately after that I complained to the Swiss Consumer Bureau, who advised that Rental Companies do have this practice and needs to be challenged. I have all the email communication that I have done with the Company and can be shared. I am also attaching the selected / specific documents (including the one the Company had sent wrongly with all the damage repair that was done on another car and compare the charges for 2 minor scratches) for a fair assessment as I firmly believe that these charges are absolutely unfair and fraudulent in nature, and I had not consented to be charged for any above and beyond the minor paint off that I was responsible for. Hope this helps and looking forward to hearing back from you.
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