2 Jun, 2021 → by soap
Fabric quality and design are amazing

No need to say much about this shop since there is mostly positive feedback from all the reviewers. I know why people love this apparel store — the quality of fabric and non-trite design. It is all true what you may read below. Besides, I want to share with you my story when I ordered a wedding accessory with them. I informed them about the due date, and they offered me express shipping. In TWO days only, I received my head accessory alongside some small gifts to “decorate” my dress. Beyond that, upon receiving my order, they sent to my email the congratulations. I almost cried from such a nice gesture. Cannot believe such shops and leadership teams exist.

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I bought high heels there. It is impossible to walk, they rubbed my foot everywhere. If you need to walk in them, and not to sit, although sitting is also problematic, then take better quality shoes. But I can admit that the delivery was fast
Kate | June 07, 2021 | Reply
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