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We came to this apartment with our noisy family: 2 adults and 3 children under 10 years old. There wasn’t small beds for our children in the apartment, but 2 separate sofas are quite convenient for the little ones, so that’s okay, they like this one. Since we were traveling with children (they need specific diet and meal without spices), we need own stove that helps to prepare some simple dishes for children and adults. It was important for us that everything was clean and comfortable too, and we were not disappointed.
Bathrooms are well cleaned, there was a full set of household chemicals, clean towels, fresh bed sheets and blankets. The apartment is bright, large, our whole family really enjoyed staying in this apartment. Thanks a lot for the best service! We’ll return next year!

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Since living here(4+ years), we’ve had very few probs. However, the laundromats been closed for close to a year, as have the exercise room! The mail boxes have been broken into umpteen time! Their cameras are only on entrance/exit, mail boxes. So when things do happen,,, there’s no cameras to see who the culprit is. We’ve been vandalized 3 times, no action has been taken, the last incident was our van being vandalized!!!! Manager has NEVER come to inspect, no words of empathy, no, we’ll try to get this resolved. When they ‘call/text’ they talk like it’s OUR fault!! We’ve caused NO problems! I’ve checked their rating,,, all 1 star,,, we’re looking to move,,,
Nancy | November 16, 2021 | Reply
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