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Taxes and Fees


I had been standing by on flights for 3 days, 12 hours a day in the airport, when I went to rebook the hotel room at Hampton Inn near the airport in St. John's, having been unable to get on once again. I was completely exhausted and stressed out, and thought I was booking on the hotel's website. I went through and saw the fare would be the same as the other nights I had stayed at that hotel. When I saw the charge on my bank account I was floored. $94 in taxes and fees on a $149 hotel room is beyond ridiculous. Had I known this would happen, I most definitely would not have used guestreservations.com, and only did so by error. Not only that, but I couldn't cancel the reservation because it's non-refundable with the site, unlike every reputable reservation site out there, including the hotel's. I'm thoroughly disgusted by this, feeling like I have been taken advantage of 100%.
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