12 Jan, 2023 → by Joe
Take your business elsewhere. Not a reputable company.


Am very disappointed in the packing and loading services provided by Pack & Load. The whole process was a cluster from the start. Their salesperson (Chris Ford) told me that there would be a crew of four to load my Pods along with tools to dismantle beds, etc. He also told me that the crew would bring rope and shrink wrap. However, on the day of the move, only two individuals arrived with no tools, no rope, and no shrink wrap. Thankfully, I had purchased shrink wrap, moving blankets, and ratchet straps in advance of the move. When I called customer service to inquire, I was told that there was nothing she could do to send the two additional crew members. After observing the two individuals loading the Pods, it was apparent that they were not professional movers and did not follow the loading process outlined in the May 4, 2022 email from Chris Ford. Again, I called customer service and was told that there was nothing she could do. Her only instruction to me was to wait until the Pods were unloaded at their ultimate destination and file a claim for the damages (inferring that any damages would be fully covered). She did not mention that Pack & Load limits damages to $25 per item, $250 per move. It was extremely frustrating to watch them load the Pods, knowing that my furniture would be damaged, and that Pack & Loads’ process was to let it happen. I subsequently completed their customer satisfaction survey, outlining the above and received no response from anyone at Pack & Load. I next filed a claim for damages and was told that damages were limited to $25 per item, $250 maximum. Pack and Load is not a reputable company and you should take your business elsewhere.
Take your business elsewhere.
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