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Tach repair


I sent in a 5" memory tach to see if it could be repaired. It came back as unreliable but they were willing to sell me a new unit at reduced cost. Well after several weeks I called and asked what the status was on the new tach. They said that they are out of a electronic part but as soon as it comes in they will be right on it. A few more weeks goes by and the same answer of we are missing a part and don't know when we will get it. So I ask can you refund my charge card the 250 dollars and when you have the part and the tach is ready charge my card and send it. The reply is no we can't do that we would have to cancel the order and create a new order later. Oh so you want to take and hold on to my money for a indefinite time and my only other choice is to cancel the order. Hell yeah. Take your tach and shove it. And people wonder why American companies are floundering. Seems to me they don't really care about your business, especially if you just some small guy.
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