17 Jan, 2022 → by Tom
Poor Service Support, Poor customer experience. Santa Barbara, Honda.


Minus 5 stars. I bought a New Accord 2 years ago and after the first week I noticed a noise coming from the engine compartment that sounded like a washing machine. It was intermittent and wouldn't make the noise consistently. I would continue to bring it in for service and complain about the noise. This went on for at lease a year and they still couldn't figure out the noise. So when I drove around I decided to record the noise and I got some good results. I brought the recordings to the dealership and have them listen to them and sent them copies of the recordings hoping they would send the recordings to Honda Engineers. They still couldn't figure it out. Months later I was able to duplicate the noise with a service advisor riding in the car with me. Then they told me the noise was coming from the cars computer and that Honda was aware of the problem. Then I was told they (Santa Barbara Honda) would have to wait for a directive before they can fix it. From time to time the manager would text saying he hasn't received any directive to fix the problem yet. It's been around 6-9 months sense they have identified the problem and the noise is only getting worse. I contacted the service manager earlier this week and all I could get from him was that Honda was working on it and that there's nothing he could do. His answer for me was to complain To Honda Motors USA and wouldn't give me any contact information to talk to a district representative. I told them my warranty would expire soon. His response was to me that the problem was documented and I shouldn't worry. REALLY, I trusted them to fix the problem and they failed badly, now they want me to trust them it might get fixed and I should trust them to fix it after the warranty expires. This dealership has nothing to convince me the the problem will be fixed anytime soon. Time to say goodbye to Honda and maybe hello Toyota. Hopefully this posting will save someone some misery.
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