28 Aug, 2023 → by ClaimboUser12345
Overcharging tenants with obsessive fees

This is an honest review. Not a tampered and forced “ please leave us a review “ after one visit to the office like they ask people to do. DO not move here. These people are literally overcharging tenants obsessively. If you DO decide to move, make sure you take videos and document EVERYTHING because they will try to over charge you a big fee when it’s time for you to move out when the apartment was already poor. First of all, I have documented everything since move in and move out. They will overcharge you 100’s of dollars in sewer , gas, and water fees when you initially already been paying that in the MONTHLY RENT. Second, they also will ignore countless noise complaints , ignore countless police reports , but expect you to STILL live in those conditions and they will lie to you and tell you things are being resolved when it never was. This place is a scam and I will be taking other matters. As long as you have documented everything. I mean EVERYTHING. FROM DAY 1 you will be fine. 3rd, when i moved in 2022, they was charging me for renters insurance when i already had renters insurance through LIBERTY MUTUAL. All i got was a “ SORRY”. Morgan properties has so many accusations of them overcharging fees. Please do your research as I wish i did before i moved in. Everything is public. Believe the negative reviews. Most of the positive reviews were forced and they are not genuine.
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