6 Jan, 2023 → by Jim

I purchased 20 of the HomeLife Wireless Motion Sensor LED Light. The order #74EE94F568 with a 15% off for purchasing 20 pack. Well, the 20 pack was 20 individual packages, each containing ONE fixture in a KEVLAR shipping pack. This package had many holes in it and the inner box cartons were crushed. NOT all but many, so I figured I would try them out to see if they worked. After 3 hours of batteries in, batteries out and trying to locate the EXACT position for the battery cover to slide in so that the light comes on. I got about half to work, but only sometimes. Most times the light doesn't activate by motion, but if you wave your hand over the unit, sometimes if works and sometimes it doesn't. These fixture are REAL JUNK and they shouldn't be allowed to sell and market as premium light fixtures. They charged me $169.95 plus $14.95 shipping and $12.25 tax for a grand total of $197.15...A large total for such garbage.
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