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New townhouse construction failure


Hi there, We signed on our new home in April 2021. We initially told our home had an estimated closing date of 9/22/2021. We know that new construction can get behind and with COVID, it could push it anymore. At the time that we signed, we were told by Peter McGee that all products for our house was ordered months in advance. We were told this multiple times actually. Our communication with Peter has been anything but good. We kept our agent for this reason when Peter told us we don't need our agent. We got an update from Peter a few weeks ago that we were pushed out to mid October. We shrugged it off as we know things happen. We then went to check in our house once a week. We noticed that there was a stretch of time (3 weeks to be exact) that nothing has been done. I haven't been out there this week so I don't know if anything has been done this week at all either. This is very frustrating as Peter sent us an email last week saying things are coming along good in our home. This was in fact a lie from Peter to make us feel good about everything. He then knew we were upset and called our agent to try to "smooth things over". My fiancé and I are very very understanding but we're at the point where this is getting ridiculous. Our number one concern about this house being done in fall/winter is not getting sod. We have dogs and do not want to let our dogs in our brand new house with mud surrounding our whole home. This was voiced to Peter in the beginning and we were assured we will have sod as soon as we move in. I am very disappointed with the communication and the lack of work being done on our house. When we signed, we were told we were getting a 60 day notice to lock in rate. Peter informed us that this is not happening anymore therefor, we cannot lock in a rate. This concerns me very much. Lennar does not follow their core values which is very very misleading for your customers. I got a file from the city of Lino lakes on 9/14 starting that our framing inspection failed. This was never fixed. Is this going to be fixed and inspected before we move in? This deeply concerns me because this is going to affect the resale of our house in the future. The only thing I can try to do at this point is to try and get Lennar to stand up to your company's core values and I appreciate your time. You can reach me at [protected] [protected]@icloud.com -alyssa koolmo
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