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Placed a mobile order for curbside. My son arrived before the ready time of 7:10pm and waited and waited. Finally a young lady said they were waiting on crossiants to fulfill this order. After almost an hour she told my son we could get refunded on the extra crossiants we ordered but not the ones that come with our family meals that’s we ordered. Called the restaurant to speak with a manager and Boone came to the phone so I called my son back and asked him to walk in and ask for a manager. Manager stated that our order had been ready since 706. At this point we have been waiting an hour for our food just due to no croissants and severe lack of communication. When I explain to the manager on the phone that we have been waiting for our food and now it’s an hour late he then told me that our food was ready, but the croissants were still not there and he said he was not aware of any issues with the croissants. This speaks to a severe lack of communication within, the management staff and the regular staff at the restaurant. I paid $95 and some change for my food tonight that is going to be over an hour late coming to us. When I explain to the manager that I felt that he should refund our money, and still allow for us to take the food. He didn’t like what I had to say, and it showed in his voice. He did send me an $80 gift card which does not cover the $95 and change I spent still no croissants and the food is going to be cold. His attitude was lacking professionalism and I am not happy AT ALL!!! Now to me this is a win-win, because obviously I would like to come back into the restaurant to use the gift card that he sent me but I am not excited about visiting your restaurant. There’s a lot of work to be done as cheddars has never been great and it’s just continuing. It’s bad reputation.
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