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Accounting for my stock trades in my portfolio


On July 13, 2021 I made 2 stock purchases. I bought 30 share of a stock for my Personal Joint account and 20 shares of the same stock in my margin account (I had adequate cash available to purchase these shares in both of these accounts.) The money was taken out of the accounts but I only received 29 shares added to my Personal Joint account (not 30) and no added shares (not 20) into my margin account. I checked my transaction records and the transactions are shown as completed and the cash in both accounts was reduced by the total amounts for the orders. I have written Etrade two letters, so far, with hard copies of all of the documentation needed to explain my case. Neither letter has been answered by their customer service department. A couple of days ago I notice that Etrade made incorrect changes in my portfolio concerning dates and purchase prices of other stocks that were in my portfolios. The changes were taken off later that day. Today, August 6th, I see that they have made further changes to the dates and prices of my earlier, stock purchases. There should be no reason to change the dates, or amounts of past purchases. I am getting highly suspicious of their activity in my account. I'm now out the purchase price, plus the gains for the stock purchases that I mentioned above. I don't know where else to turn for help. I've made copies of the documents and am prepared to stand up to their questionable practices. I would also like to know if there is an open class action lawsuit that might fit with my case. Thanks
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