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2019 Yamaha Wolverine x2


The belt broke after two years. I resolved it. Myself as to use the warranty it would take a month or more to get into service. Now the belt has broke again after just a week. I've had heating problems and have had to change the radiator 3 times. Along with circuit breakers and thermo switch and thermostat. I had to replace the stator and crank position. Sensor. Then it started not turning the fan on unless I was in park or holding the break. So I had to wire around it and put i. My own switch. Which isn't the greatest. I've replaced ball beating in the wheels. I've done more working on this utv then riding. It was the worse product I've ever bought. I've had 4 wheelers dirt bikes jet skis and have not had to work on them like this. Some where even older used models. But still less work then this thing. It's sat parked more than not. And I'm a person you likes to ride a lot. Almost daily. I just bought a new Honda talon x. And will never buy Yamaha products ever again! I will also recommend to friends and family not to. My son wants a new rmax. And we have looked at them. But I don't want another money pit. It's a shame you pay this much and get this as a result. I work hard for my money even during the covid. And I take care my machines like no one else. Cleaning oil change you name it. They are garage kept. And we'll maintained. This utv the Wolverine x2 is a lemon. It shuts off all the time. And now is hard to get started back up I've worked on and taken this machine to so many different people to work on. Paid out thousands to try to get it right and working again. It was good for about a year then nothing but problems.
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