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Charged to fix issues


An appointment was made to take the car in because an engine light was on and the car was making noise. Was charged $ 1, 800 for repairs and 2 new tires for the front. Never was shown any of the so-called bad parts or the old tires. Was told that the engine light had been fixed and the noises were gone. In less than 2 weeks after this, the engine light was back on and the car was still making noises. This time they told me the car need more work and I got billed for another $ 1, 400.00. Never was shown any of the so-called bad parts. Then while driving the car, it suddenly stopped and would not run at all. had to have the car towed back to our house. Both of my daughters were in the car and when it abruptly stopped, they could have been seriously injured. The tow truck driver determined that the Serpentine belt had ruptured and was shredded. Tires Plus never mentioned anything about the belt being worn and needing replacement. I found a mechanic that made house calls and scheduled an appointment. He came out and replaced the belt and show mew parts of it that were shredded and wound around a pulley. After being billed for $ 3, 200.00, the engine light is still on, the car still makes noise and I will never go back to Tires Plus. I think they did unnecessary repairs, they never showed me any of the so-called bad parts that were relaced. I never saw the tires that they said were bad and those tires were less than 1 year old. They supposedly did a front-end alignment check. So they charged me for this and then then charged me for an alignment also. Seems like I should have only been charged for the actual alignment and not both. I am more than upset and mad about what I got charged.
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