22 Jan, 2022 → by Mark
Cancelled my order without notice

6 months ago I pre-ordered a rare and limited time with game UK, every time in the past theyve asked for payment 7 days before the order is shipped. But out if the blue and without any notice or chance to resolve the issue in question, they cancelled my order. Their reason why couldn't capture a payment of £0.00. the same thing happened last year and one of the customer service team Told me to insure I had more than one card saved on my account, I now have 3. I have spoke to game and they have told me there is no way this can be resolved even though payment for this item doesn't need to be taken for another 3 weeks, there is no other way for me to buy this product anywhere else without having to pay 3x the RRP. I feel like I have been robbed even after years of being a loyal enhanced customer and it's just not right!!
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