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Bed service and after service after pieces of battles in a drink

15 Mar 2022, 11:35 Complaint to Piatto Restuarant On Sunday 27of February 2022 at around 4PM Me and my partner visited piatto restaurant in mall of the south, had a meal and few drinks everything was ohk until we ordered a ****tail by the name of strawberry daquiry that came with small pieces of glass inside, my partner took one sip of the drink and after she swallowed she said to me something feels pitching in her throat she then coughed pieces of glass came out of her mouth and she continued to cough then about 20 pieces of battles came out of her mouth she further went to the ladies room were she coughed and about 3more pieces of battle came out of her mouth we then called the waiter who was helping us then he called The manager by the name of Victor who then said he will report the matter to head office on the very same day at about 18:44 pm I was cc in the email that victor the manager send to Paullette about the incident that happened him confirming that he did see the pieces of glass that came out of my patners Drink and the he admitted that it's their fault. then on monday my wife went to a Dr then the Dr gave her medication that makes her system to be loose by the name of (liquid paraffin)then I called victor who is the manager the sameday monday 28February2022 at around 13H00 he then said to me he was going to call me when he gets space or chance as he's buzzy, from monday till sunday of the 06March2022 we only received 3 calls from the Manager by the name of victor we then took it upon ourselves to Drive all the way from vaal in sebokeng to go to Piatto in mall of the south to talk with the manager who said he will contact head office on Monday and he will get back to us because he sees the inconvenience of us driving going up and down to the Drs and hospital to try and get my wife help of which is financially straining on us as we didn't budget for such we even took our last money to pour petrol to drive to the restaurant again and till today Tuesday 15 March 2022 I still haven't heard from the restaurant now my wife is struggling to go to the toilet and Sometimes there is blood on her stews she feels stomach pains every now and then she and this is very droumatic to her and her health is affected by the incident . The manager says we need to submit the invoices of the Doctors that my wife is been attending and the pertrol slips that we have been using to try and get my wife help and the sad part is Dr dont give invoices for consultation and we really need help in this regard
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