14 Jan, 2022 → by Thembi
Bad serive

I bought a Univa deep freezer by Russells in cape Town gugulethu mall, it was delivered on the 11th December 2021 and I discovered that the freezer is not working n immediately sent a message to the sales lady that assisted me on the store, they gave me a run around I ended up calling their call centre and reported the matter. On the 4th January 2022 a technician was sent out and he discovered that the freezer had no gas and said they will get me a new freezer. 2 days after the store manager contacted me and told me that they don’t have the freezer in store she Wil look around and get bac to me. The manager didn’t phone me back I had to send a message to the sales lady and that’s when she informed me that they have the freezer in their Wynberg store I must collect it there. On the sales order the delivery is included and they expect me to fetch the freezer in Wynberg and take the one that is not working to their branch in gugulethu store. I am very dissapointed with their service and sad part is that i had to throw away some of my Christmas meat cause it was off. The head office just sent me a statement today and they expect me to pay for something I never used. Please assist

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