Ashford University
Ashford University
5 Jan, 2021 → by justgo
Absolutely rewarding place to study

The University can be a challenging and tough place to study, as you do much work independently. As a student, I didn’t get plenty of contact hours from the tutors. It took me a while to get used to do my work myself and to attend tutorials only to discuss my results.

Nevertheless, that communicating with experts in your field makes studying here worth the money and the time. The hard curriculum helps you to develop all your skills and potential. Mostly, my experience with tutors has been positive.

The extensive University library also makes it a comfortable place to work. You also get access to academic resources here. It should be noted that some colleges lack accommodation, so they may not be able to provide a room for you for the duration of your stay here. Anyway, college life is exciting here, with plenty of the social activity. You can get involved in various societies.

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