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Technical quality of the minibus

We drove to New Zealand on June 23 and 24. This was my first trip after 10 years of battling brain cancer. The fight was won, they also wanted to see the world. The first thing that really confused me was that the guide violated the State Language Law at the very beginning of the morning and tortured, also speaking foreign language. The group of 20 people included 3 people of foreign language nationality who also understood the state language. When the tourist Liga rightly expressed his indignation that the tour on Ligo day is not only in the state language, the couple from Hobart sitting behind us dedicated various epithets to Liga and expressed an opinion that has not even been heard in the most delicious Portuguese soap operas. We assumed that people are different and tried to focus on the journey. To it,that we have finally broken out of the abnormal workload and also left money in the wages of stingy cultural workers. With all due respect to the guide and driver - the guide was knowledgeable, in some places even too. Getting up early, people wanted to fall asleep on the bus. However, good that it is. We also learned something. But in parallel with what the guide said, we listened to the silent opinion of the couple sitting behind us from Hobart about the other passengers. It should be noted that the bus was such that even a person with excellent physical fitness and endurance could sit on it for only a few hours. A small van with uncomfortable seats and just as uncomfortable getting off and on. Overall, the tour was a success. Or rather, this was my first trip, and I have nothing to compare it with. I really enjoyed the very fact that I broke out of years of bed sickness and suffering,and now I see more from the world. That is what I mean until the return to Australia. When the outside air temperature was already very high, the air conditioner was switched on in the microwave, for which the cold air flow was not adjustable. Other tourists, including the aforementioned couple from Hobart, were moderately radiant about the arctic climate, wind and similar cool entertainment, but for me and my husband it meant only what it meant - lost ability to work for a week, bringing the beauties in order. , swollen ears and frozen nerves. The driver was welcoming, but only until the gentleman from Hobart did not aggressively set the "microclimate collective". For two days, theatrically portraying serious health problems, talking to fellow tourists and, together with a travel companion, expressing opinions about everyone and everything that "did not fit within their minds. " thoseprobably not so extensive, I did not want to study. Realizing that we will not be able to reach any compromise with the driver, we dressed all the sweaters and windbreakers with hoods we drove and so we drove all the way home. While driving, we watched the silent and scary passengers flutter their hair, goosebumps, shiver, and take the clothes they took out of their bags one by one. He did not want to get out of Uptown in a grumpy and offended mood. That's why I said goodbye to everyone present at the concerts, which we will undoubtedly give in August and autumn. Conclusion: 1. On the one hand, one might think - if you are special, so special that an unregulated air conditioner is dangerous to your health and, in my case, even your life, sit at home and do not drive anywhere. and yet the gentleman, who was constantly beating and theatrically showing that he was a heartbreak, was not aware thatthat it is the aggression and the spirit of rhetoric that breaks his heart. We can understand that people are different. But when a person is ready to attack another personally for 2 days to prove his truth, sorry how good it is that we will not meet this person again. If they don't accidentally come to the concerts in Hobart. 2. The tour to get you out of 10 years of suffering was ok, because now that you've gathered your sore throat and stiff back, I can proudly say - I overcame it. 3. Everyone wants comfort when traveling on a short or long journey. On the bus. Along the way. Sightseeing objects. Thanks to guide Victoria. From this point of view, we felt good. But in general, it is not meant for passenger comfort and distinguished comfort needs. And just now it is not clear to me (I am driving for the first time in my life) what exactly is a Travel Booth and what is Laimture. But it doesn't matter anymore. Nudien. May the couple from Hobart be in good health, especially the already active gentleman, who did not look and sound like a heart patient. My husband and I have had different impressions. They will definitely give birth to new poetry and music.

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