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+1 888 629 2016
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2600 South Gessner Suite 200
Houston , Texas
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Complaints & Reviews — USBirthCertificate

This company is a joke! Do not do business with them!!! On 7/3/2017 I ordered a birth certificate from them, as we have moved out of state and could not get one locally. Website says 3-4 days to process and I paid for overnight delivery. Expecting it by 7/10 with the holiday. I called on 7/11, extremely... Read more➤
1 Jan, 2018

No deadline

I needed to get birth certificate for my son asap. I found website and they promised to prepare all the documents within 24 hours. Two days after I still didn’t have the documents. I searched through the internet and discovered that many people waited more than a year.
Takes your money sends your info to a third party which charges you again. I called the company that actually sent me my son's birth certificate and they said they could have done the exact same thing for just the price I paid them if I had gone to their website directly, which is vital records. I... Read more➤
I called USBIRTHCERTIFICATE a few days ago for a price inquiry. When the Rep told me the price off 100.00 I simply told her I would call back after checking a few other places and she hung up on me. I didn't appreciate being hung up on so I called back. Another women answered and I asked... Read more➤

Attitudes towards training

Hello. I am a prospective student. I wanted to try working at the big Radisson as a maid. It seemed so super. Such a cool hotel. It seemed to be cool. Of course, I knew it wouldn't be an easy job, because I've worked as a maid before, I know what the workload is, but I wanted to try to work in the evenings. So I went to training! This is where my nice adventure begins. I called the indicated number, as if the senior maid was waiting for me. I called, waited a long time for it to come, then the first question on his part was - would you pipe? I replied that no. She then - come back to me, I inflate. I would like to leave the best possible impression on myself, I kindly agreed, I can't stand cigarettes. She asks me general questions (why did I choose, etc. ), halfway through my cigarette butts. Let's go inside. From the beginning everything seemed ok. Let's talk, hand towels. (I already got reprimands, but I knew it would be, so I'm not stressed - because I'm studying), we start to clean the room. Woman tired, radio, stastia - I watched. Of course, there was an infinite amount of information, so I tried to write down what I was accused of. I tried to focus on the slightest chirp that she radio and did. Everything seemed to go smoothly. Then she told me - take all the belongings to the third room. If I could do that, if I knew how to watch all those numbers and everything else, I wouldn't know which way to run. Just as the monster walked, he literally dug the vacuum cleaner out of his hand and nailed the floor literally for 10 seconds and swept the pot and bath with a pillowcase. We arrive at the other room. She told me - fold the bed and correspond late. And he went to pipette himself, without explaining anything, without showing anything. I'm stressed that I'm not doing something wrong, I say in bed. Then she came and of course the short is wrong. He shot me from head to toe. I asked if I was making a bed at all! There were all sorts of indiscriminate reproaches. Then she figured we couldn't find a common language and I was braking. The manure was taken out of the floors, looking for someone who taught me, to whom I see my nerves without damaging and interfering with work. I'm so much of a person when I take everything to heart, I barely said with tears of resentment - well I don't bother you, show me the way out? Paradise is one of the office workers. It is claimed that this is happening here. The old grandmothers revealed that I was wearing something that taught mehe doesn't have a job to do because he has to work (if I had only managed to take off the bed late and put on the pillowcases), told me that it was wearing her problem, slammed the door and ran back to clean, then I was taken to a young girl, I finally found normal contact with her, Vian also shares her experience that old maids walk around squealing. I think it should go again. But I'm still disappointed this season. I considered it one of the best hotels, but after the attitude I expected (there were still all sorts of events) I don't even want to reflect on my earlier desire to work there. There is also a charge for catering. How can a hotel look forward to new employees, compose ads themselves, when new trainees come, want to learn, but the attitude is simply devastating? This way you scare away both natural persons and customers. Choose your staff bright people, sincere, kind and who can speak english. That should be the case because Australia is here.


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