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They sold me already used cards for Sony PSN. When I contacted their Customer Service, they asked me for proof that I have not redeemed the cards myself. I contacted Sony, who confirmed that the cards have been redeemed one month prior to my purchase on another account. I even got Sony to send me an official… Read more➤

Bad attitude towards employees

I think or write a complaint for a long time, but I still tend to know that people need to know. Not everyone has a bad experience, no one is allowed to write a good one, but for most it is not good when discussing situations with colleagues. Negotiation super, acceptance super. I started working - I liked everything. I really enjoyed working with clients. I managed to miss the working day by 5 to 10 minutes by morning. There was a phone call and 20 minutes of brain drain, and as it turns out, it wasn’t just with me. You have to start your work day very punctually, the fact that you work without lunch, or up to 9 in the evening, absolutely no one cares. The only answer I received throughout my work was - I can't work, I work after working hours while I do it. I'm a personwho work at their best conscience, well and neatly. And initially I laughed and informed that if you don't smoke or drink alcohol after a day of work, then I have to reckon with starting, because my nerves will have to calm down. And indeed, the nerves were torn by working longer, and not because no one had been with the customers for a long time, but because of the attitude of the managers. A common denominator has been found with the customers, but the managers seem to enjoy the fact that they can reprimand you or drive through your brain all the time, your opinion is never good. Because you can always do better and what has been done so far is not good. For the first time in a job where I felt like a black worker that nothing I do is wrong. Praise you - forget it. When it comes to manufacturer inspections, drivers even charge you permits. If they've got something around their neck,then god forbid our heads rained all kinds of shit, words and everything else, there was no limit. The ability to endure all this until the moment when we received a super good job offer, where the brain really does not take away, is calmer and better paid. Then it started here. Everything that could be deducted from the salary was deducted, even for the insurance policy, which I was ordered to return, even until 2020... It turned out that I had worked for the last month in my best conscience for free. And as I walk away, my managers still have permission to tell me to figure it out properly or want to leave because I no longer accept it back.. Seriously? Why do you think I will return after all that has happened? Thanks, sanitex, if I originally wanted to recommend this job to others, then definitely not anymore!

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