America's Choice Overhead Garage Door Co.

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America's Choice Overhead Garage Door Co.

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999 18th St Ste 3000
United States

Phone number: (303) 835-0059

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(303) 835-0059
999 18th St Ste 3000
Denver , Colorado
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Representative provided quote. Manager called the next morning to tell us the quote was worthless and would not be honored. Was very confrontational with my wife. License on paperwork is suspended. Phone calls to San Diego office are just as bad…they literally scoff at us and are extremely rude. Have made the state and police aware.

Indifference to animals

Be careful! Do not risk your pet's life and do not take your pets to the clinic at Candera Street 4! The administrator in this clinic is really very angry, unkind and indifferent, she would have to be replaced!... There is no desire for everyone to help or cure... You will pay a huge amount of money and no sense at all! . Now I am not going to go back there and I do not recommend anyone, because the treatment of animals and people is just awful, and it seems that this clinic does not need satisfied and independent clients! Everything is determined by attitude and unkind approach. We also did not succeed with the doctors. The dog bled (He seriously injured his paw with a piece of glass), but the doctor was in no hurry!He came to us only after half an hour (Blood had already poured all over the floor in the office). He also did not tell us that the seams would have to be removed. After the operation, the wound for a very long time… began to purulate… then had to see a doctor again. … But the second case (October 16, 2019 after 19:00) with a kitten completely changed my attitude towards this clinic! I found a kitten (His age was about 1-2 months) in a very serious condition on the street. He almost didn't move. The attitude of the administrator was unpleasant all the time (Absolutely terrible). There was also a feeling that she hated animals by nature. She looked at us with such hatred and spoke to me in such an unkind tone that it could not be described! We waited for the doctor for half an hour, (Even the administrator left her workplace and went down the hall to another room), but no one hurried to us!...How long can you wait? Don't even have to ask! I just couldn't stand that treatment and went looking for one of the staff. I saw that the staff (3 people including him) were not busy with work. They just did not want to hurry… sat and chatted... I told them that we can not wait (The kitten was in a very serious condition) and we will go to another clinic, to which they replied: "as you wish". We just lost time… thanks to the clinic "little brothers hospital" at Kalnciema street 19 for responsiveness and quick help! They did everything they could… but it was too late…. His body temperature was below 33 degrees and his body was dehydrated. (He spent a very long time without drinking and eating.) Unfortunately the kitten did not survive. PS I am very sorrythat the treatment of animals is so terrible and indifferent! I have lived in England for almost nine years and the service there is very high (Even in small towns)! There are no stray animals in England, and if there are, they are caught, checked for health, and the doctor then looks for new owners. The animals found can be brought to any clinic and accepted without any problems, and then new owners are sought for them. Anyone on the street can't just pick an animal. First, the clinic staff checks the information about this person (Where he works, under what conditions the animal will be kept, etc.), and if they think he can take good care of this animal, then he is allowed to adopt him (Free of charge). If there is an accident with an animal or he is in a serious condition, doctors will accept him immediately! No need to wait there at all!There is no charge for the visit. There you only have to pay for the procedures. And everything is much cheaper than here! There is a completely different attitude towards animals and people in England! Both administrators and doctors are very responsive and kind people and, most importantly, they love animals! I think we need to learn from them at least to respect people and animals! But those who don't love animals and reject them indifferently shouldn't work in this field at all!

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