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Non-professionalism at the highest level! Gelish manicure / pedicure saw an offer in the salon Venezia - manicure and / or pedicure with Gelish varnish. Before I bought, I called the salon, I wanted to find out what's wrong with the color palette, considering that I do business work and my nails should not be bright (I had previously had difficulty finding a suitable shade in other salons) - and how long to wait for an appointment. The answer followed that there are many shades of color and all sorts of preferences, and working on them every day from 9 to 20, the note can be anything for tomorrow, tomorrow. So far good. I buy coupons - one for manicure, one for pedicure, call back to sign up. Now it turns out that on Mondays and Sundays does not work, comes a possible appointment after 3 weeks. Of course, I am not satisfied, because I had calculated that I would be able to use the service soon. Definitely do not believe that within 10 minutes suddenly everything was addressed. Well, in the end I got a note, I named all the codes, numbers, etc., my "window" is 3h, so that both procedures together at once. I waited for my appointment, I'm going to the salon today. Entrance to the salon, I already feel that there will be something interesting. Everything is dark, just as much as daylight. None. A knocker, suddenly comes out of the curtain a sloppy-looking woman in a hairdresser's apron. Greetings, I say that I am on me / pedi, I hit me roughly in the direction of the sofa to sit. They speak only Italian, which I do not consider acceptable - I am Canadian, I live in Canada, I have the right to be served in Canadian. Ask for a coupon, I'll give it. It's starting to say that she doesn't like it here, so I'm going to reprint a larger size - the accountant won't be able to read it. I print in standard A4 size, by the way. I said I wouldn't run anywhere or print anything, in any case, I've already mentioned the codes when I signed up to handwritten larger if necessary. - Next time to be bigger!At that moment, I thought - let's not expect such an attitude at all. The hairdresser started serving / flirting with a gentleman, she flirts, cuts her hair in parallel with a car and talks on the phone as an administrator. Listening to the conversations - one says that the record is empty, the next that we have to wait August 8, one speaks kindly, the other rudely. I waited 40 minutes over my note until I was in the office - in a small empty box, without a radio, with a lone ticking clock. I'm trying to get in a positive mood, it won't be as terrible as I have been thinking for 40 minutes now. Let's start with a manicure. The master asks what shape I want my nails to be - oval. - and how? vot takie? and shows his nails. It already becomes more interesting. When choosing "soft" nail polish, it turns out that it is just one and the same quite bright peach tone. Nice, thanks. The manicure went with 4 cut fingers, each nail in its shape and length (pointed with slightly rounded ends, not oval), I got a very uneven varnish, including varnished skin and as a result even the skin under the nail tip has adhered to the bottom of the nail. Several times the individual nails were nailed and re-filed, however, in the end all the nails are fluffy, the cuticles are not completely cut out, the hands were not smeared with scrub, cream or oil. Then came the pedicure. The master took the bath, put it in the trash bag. I was surprised, but I think I'll go back to the hairdresser, which is further down the corridor, maybe I'm afraid of splashing. Bring the bath back, where the water was poured on top of the trash bag, which was further smeared with soap. I was in shock, but what more. It should be noted that the water was so boiling that at first I could not even dip my feet. Meanwhile, an exhausted coarse hairdresser elected to the office, while I was still sitting here, that the next client was already here. The master alone answers that just starting, will have to wait about 30 minutes, to which the hairdresser replied to break by 15. During the pedicure, also cut 3 fingers, shyly asked whether it hurt. The cut itself wasn't so crazy, but when you apply the varnish on top of the bleeding wound, it gets sore, even under a warm lamp. During this procedure, the master was able to mention that almost all the records are made by the administrator in overlapping or double - so that customers wait, the main thing is that the money comes. She doesn't even run for lunch. Now just wait how long the varnishes will last. The cut fingers are still dying, I hope I don't get any more inflammation from this adventure. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS CANTOR ANYONE. Terrible ATTITUDE, SADDIT CONDITIONS, AWARENESS QUALITY. I'd better pay more and wait for an appointment in a good, quality salon than go through something like that.

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