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Advertek, Inc.

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2902 Meadow Farms place
United States

Phone number: (502) 671-1007

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(502) 671-1007
2902 Meadow Farms place
Louisville , Kentucky
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1 Jan, 2018

Internet Marketing Practices


This company is one of many in deceptive ring of spammers. They are deceiving small business owners into thing their Internet Marketing practices are legitimate. They do not use an opt in email list for 100% of their email marketing efforts. Since they are sending email's on your behalf, they are damaging your reputation. It's your reputation!... Read more➤

cas 11th Department of Arithmology

Professor Oskars Kalejs while my husband's doctor (placed in the department with glare arrhythmia) was outside the department - I was waiting for her at her office before she appeared this gentleman in a white robe with a beard, at first the frivoli flirted, then openly ugly and rudely demanded a bribe, stating that the colleague was foolish and did not have time to treat the ward patients at all - which I thought I was expecting a solution. Asked if I have ever been in a car repair shop? I said that I am, because my husband's profession is related to it. He said - then listen carefully - understand, a car can be repaired well, but it can also be repaired very badly. Think for yourself. She also said that he (my husband) sleeps there for weeks. Gribat,to recover? Well, he already reluctantly, but could also take over the case, because of the clinical signs that dr. Vikmane has not gone home without. Is there writing? I said yes. Write - named t. No: 29241900 I asked - as you call it - Oscar. Blacksmith. I said - I understood. Then he nodded in agreement and left. I later met him in the lobby. I had already thought about everything. I am a doctor myself, I have never taken bribes or given no. What did I experience for the first time. Passing by, the professor looked closely and asked - well, how will it be? I said - thank you, we will cope. About dr. Maiju Vikmani - Thank you very much for her sincerity, empathy, heart wisdom and professionalism! For the first time we met such a professional attitude, the husband was examined from head to toe, the reasons for the illness were explained and a clear plan for further action was drawn up. A big THANK YOU to my heart doctor in the broadest sense of the word - Ariana Vikmane!


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