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(540) 349-8125
7666 Summerfield Hills Dr
Warrenton , Virginia
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This firm and it owner, Mr. Adams, contracted in writing with our firm to purchase products on a fair and pre-agreed schedule. Apparently Adams Custom Painting is a firm in financial dire straits as they failed to pay their invoices for said products as agreed. Our firm was forced to terminate Mr. Adams contract for breach of... Read more➤

indifference to the animal

I want to warn animal owners that if your pet needs treatment that involves a complicated operation and post-operative care - under no circumstances go to Dr. Stein's Veterinary Clinic at Gertrudes Street 101! unfortunately, my dachshund dog is also among the ones that not only was not cured, but also died in the clinic due to the indifference of doctors and staff. Unfortunately, only after all that happened did I look at the feedback about Dr. Stein - he, with some other doctors of the clinic, is an absolute record holder in terms of the complaints and negative feedback received, on how many more victims have said and fallen in love. Those who want a cured animal should look for a doctor who will go into it and devote appropriate time to it, and not a veterinary conveyor like Gertrudes Street. The clinic has long been too small and unsuitable for the number of patients that are accepted there, because the treatment for my dachshund was started by Dr. Kondratjeva, continued by Dr. Steins, but I was already informed about the dog's death the next morning by Dr. Zagata. three days of intestinal obstruction was treated with Vaseline oil, then after 3 days still undergo surgery and the next morning simply announce that the dog did not wake up from anesthesia. now, knowing how to operate in complex cases elsewhere, it is quite clear that a good result does not only depend on a knowledgeable doctor, equipment is also needed to use anesthesia that can be dosed, prevent consequences, monitor the animal's heart rate, etc. At the Stein clinic, an anesthetist is allowed anesthesia for your animal right in the waiting room, if you ask why the dog is still blinking, then you will receive an answer that time will need an additional dose, which is also given. The clinic does not explain the consequences of such anesthesia, nor do you tell you that there are other clinics where surgeries are performed civilized and use inhalation anesthesia, which can accurately dose and stop their effects if there are complications. Nobody is interested in this clinic. and complete nonsense is the information on the clinic's website about great postoperative care - an animal that has not woken up after anesthesia will lie alone and frost and will not even call your owner and tell you that the condition is very serious, the dog may not survive and need to come to the clinic. And so your pet dies in that cage abandoned alone. And in the morning, when you come to meet your pet, you are simply told that you do not wake up from anesthesia and still ask if you really take the animal with you or leave it there. A dog who is a family member... only our all active action can force such clinics to change their attitudes, buy normal medical equipment, not the very minimum required by the regulations, also make doctors feel responsible for what they do. Therefore, if you have a similar experience that due to the irresponsible treatment, negligence or obvious incompetence of doctors, the animal has health problems, it has died, I urge you not to remain silent and write complaints not only on the Internet, but to the veterinary authorities. Because only the American Veterinary Association, which issues and renews certificates, can decide whether there has been a breach of professional ethics. yet, of course, we can also go to court, which seems to be done by even fewer victims. as the regulatory enactments currently provide that complaints affect veterinarians very little, because only if the ethics commission has established it and published it on the USB website, it is taken into account when renewing the certificate and the person concerned cannot work in the profession for 1 year. nor is it made public which doctors receive complaints and which. I think that such information should be known, it would affect the prestige of doctors even more. secondly, we are taking over the experience of claiming compensation for non-pecuniary damage, which may also begin to affect unscrupulous conveyor-type veterinarians. my wonderful dachshund girl Pepy died on September 7, my complaint was considered by the USB ethics commission on November 26, and although I pointed out at least five violations of the code of ethics (it can be found at, the commission has considered only that violation that the clinic did not inform me about the condition of the dog. I have decided to seek clarification from the USB and to try to ensure that the conditions for the liability of veterinarians are amended and that such a certain number of complaints must affect the veterinarian's certificate. If you have information about specific situations or your experience at the Stein Clinic, please write to the e-mail [hide] @, I can also help to write submissions and complaints. only together can we try to fight against this system, where everything is formally right, but the right, it turns out, is only for veterinarians, we have to pay for doctors' mistakes with both money and the lives of our animals.

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