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Terrible attitude

I went to the hospital in the winter, I was 6 months pregnant. It was clear that the flu. I arrive by express. At the reception, n-th patients, n-th relatives, waiting to meet their loved ones. Bardaks! Doctors pofogistically. I had a completely swollen throat, I couldn't talk, I was shaking in pain and plus one leg hurt unrealistically, normally I can't lie down or sit... I can only answer questions with a nod, but those non-people don't care at all. They shout at me - are you stupid that you can't talk? Hours in a 5 bed reception room with many other patients. I hear old people being cursed, I am shocked. Doctors call each other idiots, send dirs #, and cant. At some point, it even seemed to break up. Impression - there is not a hospital, but a tracon with doctors. A doctor comes to me, a llama... Why lie on your side, you have to sleep straight! Show that my leg hurts... - yes, yes, everyone's legs hurt from the flu, I lay straight I said! Lying straight and massaging the leg, the pain unreal. Another doctor is coming - what allowed you to massage your foot? Guli! It lay down for several hours until the nurse came to take the analysis. Fist and fist... Took another needle and again fist and fist. All the veins pierced and in the end they just passed. After piercing, go to the toilet, needing urine. Somehow going to the toilet, which can not be closed, keeps everything in one blood, stinks. Disgusting! Later at the end of the hallway is called my last name, the road hand. Sister angry - you answer madly and a series of slander words follow.. I quietly sighed that my throat swollen, in addition, a mask on the face. This peeps and all. Says you have to go for an X-ray. I answer that I am pregnant. For her, it is neither warm nor cold. I get caught in bed and I'm not going anywhere. I say I won't hurt my baby. The chief doctor comes, explains that the x-ray will not do anything for the pregnant woman. I answer that I will not sign the papers or make an X-ray. OK good. After half an hour, the nurse arrives and takes me somewhere. X-ray cabinet. I say again that I will not make an X-ray, now two people are literally forcing me to do it. I ask you to sign a paper with the head doctor stating that she will answer if anything happens to the baby. Negotiated, done. In the morning I am transferred to another hospital. There everyone is in complete shock that an X-ray was made, because nothing like that is written in the documents. I burst into tears and realize that the strangers are trying to hide everything. Doctors kindly, "puts" the work together - it's not a hospital, but... Thank God, I'm not there anymore, but it doesn't end there. The nurse removes the patch under which the chair was pierced. The hand looks awful, the strings miss the system. Well, nothing, everything is squeezed out, smeared with something and wonders how it can be. It is impossible to pierce another department, because absolutely not all places are pierced by a joke. Why am I writing this? To warn you. The mayor is full! A relative came to work today after the accident. There, doctors still send each other a dirs # and call the patient a quilt and an idiot, because he suffers an accident. 6 hours do not give anything against pain and investigates at the speed of snails... Such a hospital needs to be closed or changed to half personal! I am ashamed that there is such a terrible institution in Brisbane. Slaughterhouse.


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