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Poor service

Our cooperation with Stanislav Ozarkov, phone number 22409019, started about 4 months ago with the order of the sliding cabinet door. Stanislav Ozarkov actively advertises on the advertisement pages ss. com and reklama.org. Judging by the information found on the Internet, Pty. '' decor.org '', '' Coupe Servis '' and '' art Studia '' operated in the past. All these companies successfully went bankrupt and threw their customers (unfortunately, I found out only later and thanks to Stanislav himself, because he chatted about complaints about him written on the Internet). Stanislav stressed that no prepayment is taken from customers, and no other company works like that. He offered reasonable prices and fast production. Indeed, after 3 days there was a door and then we paid. Then we had to order another wardrobe, we also ordered it, again without prepayment. Said it would be in a week, but in fact it was after three. Well, nothing crazy, we didn't worry because we didn't pay the prepayment. The cabinet was put on, we ordered the next one. The next closet was already more interesting, because a company that does not take prepayment suddenly needed an advance. Stanislav said that he had invested all his funds in the orders of expensive kitchens, and that there was not enough money for materials. I asked how better to pay, or can by bank transfer. Stanislav usually answers calls and text messages infrequently and irregularly, but this does not apply to money matters. The private Lithuanian bank account of "solar bank" was given in a flash. Stanislavs explained in a text message that he would not want to receive money on the company's account in Australia, because then he would have to pay VAT. I made the transfer just as fast, and the new closet was made relatively quickly. Then I made the next order, a large 5 door cabinet. And now we needed an advance again. First you had to pay half, but after a few days another 20%. I paid because the masters seemed honest and the previous cabinets were really put on. I even closed my eyes to small defects (for example, Stanislav accidentally made a hole in the visible place of the laminate door, smeared with something with the text that he could not and will not notice anything, but of course you can actually notice everything if you look). I even closed my eyes to small defects (for example, Stanislav accidentally made a hole in the visible place of the laminate door, smeared with something with the text that he could not and will not notice anything, but of course you can actually notice everything if you look). I even closed my eyes to small defects (for example, Stanislav accidentally made a hole in the visible place of the laminate door, smeared with something with the text that he could not and will not notice anything, but of course you can actually notice everything if you look). Then it was time to put the big closet. The masters killed thoroughly, I got up with an alarm clock, but arrived around 15:00. Although the master's assistant was very dissatisfied, he complained that Stanislav would hardly pay for overtime. The laying of the closet ended at 10:00 in the evening with a text that can not catch up today, because brought the wrong track and the right one can get tomorrow. Okay, the next day was on the right track and finished, but mixed all the doors. 2 doors with plates, but I ordered without anything, and 3 doors with a full mirror, but I sent from laminate with a mirror in the middle. As for the good looks and did not want to show any inconvenience to the masters, we accepted the work. And at the same time we ordered a TV cabinet. The cabinet is complicated, because nothing can be fixed to the plasterboard wall, with a hinged door. Stanislav said that such a closet needs more time, 2 weeks instead of 1 week. And of course you need a prepayment. Well, three cabinets are installed, we prepaid and in parallel we ordered 2 more cabinets. Of course, you can't do without prepayment, but well, the cabinets were installed. We are not principled and did not start arguing about the details. For example, the mezzanine was a different color. Stanislav had cut out a narrower son than needed, so the workshop had to look for a replacement from scraps and leftovers, and there was only white. I heard by telephone how Stanislav told the master not to tell us anything about this thing. In turn, the second cabinet again mixed the mirror with laminate. I sent a full mirror, but I got a mirror with laminate. I sent both cabinets with full edges, one does not have one, the other has about 15 cm, and Stanislav, calculating the price of the cabinet, said that such an edge costs 30 dollars, but it was about the full. And we asked to make a key cabinet and redo 4 drawers from leftovers, because before repairing we dismantled the old cabinet, we wanted to put the drawers in another separate cabinet. Stanislav measured everything, said that it would work, we agreed on a price. And then began the most interesting. Putting the last cabinet, Stanislav said that the TV cabinet will be tomorrow, you can move the sofa to another wall. We paid the full amount for tomorrow's closet. We changed the sofa, put the TV on a small table in a temporary version. The next day I called, saying that the closet was not ready yet. The TV cabinet was not ready after 2, three or even 4 weeks. Stanislav told by phone that he still needed it and this, one master stretched his back, the other was drinking, the third was busy with important objects. To compensate for the long wait, floor cleaners were offered. And Stanislav did not find the key to put the locker and drawers during this month. And when the day finally came, I started to wait. Stanislav promised to start work around 12-13: 00, as a result, the masters arrived at 18:00, terribly tired, and, as they themselves said, the head no longer works so late. And then the surprises began, Stanislav had mixed the colors of the edges of the cabinet, resulting in a composition of what was. It turned out that the glued edge was missing. Glued with our own iron, although according to technology it could only be done in the workshop. The result is sad. Do nothing, the money is already paid in full in advance. It did not put any drawers and lockers. He left all work at 11 pm because he was late. Dust was not vacuumed behind, I do not understand what was asked for and we gave a vacuum cleaner. 2 shelves for the cabinet were missing,and Stanislav delivered them the next day in the hope of getting the rest of the money. But the remaining money was 20 dollars, which he was quite outraged on Friday night. There were 25 dollars left for the key locker and 30 for the remake of the drawers. I said that I was not satisfied with the drawers without handles, either by making others that fit the size or redo the facade. And for our money, because we are not to blame for not being able to measure and are not ready to pay for handles yet. With a great scandal, Stanislav undertook to redo the facades until the next day. Called the next day, said he was cut and ready to impose. I said I could bet, but the remaining 50 dollars will be seen when the order is completed. I already understand that I don't want him to finally make their key locker, drive and look for hooks, then drive to install, and it's all a chakra due to the remaining 20 dollars. Then Stanislav telephoned that we were fraudsters, and on arrival his friends would write on the asphalt at the house that we were fraudsters. Apparently Stanislav will have to talk to a kindergarten group to make a list of crayons. A week passed after this conversation, there is no facade or key locker. Obviously, the guy doesn't consider it necessary to complete the order. I added pictures from the TV cabinet that evening when Stanislav had to hurry so hard that he couldn't collect the trash. It should be noted that Stanislav promised to personally add all the equipment. The result is sad, we then looked for the right screws, we still have to go to the fittings to buy. And the green plinth with gray pimpochka and white full edge looks sad. But after the project, the whole edge to the floor was white, only Stanislav forgot, and he did not even pull out a leaflet to show where it is written that it should be. So think twice before sending something from this company, which "does not take prepayment". And read other complaints here. Although Stanislav will of course tell you that it is all written by competitors who are upset. And it is thought that there would be something to do here for the labor and labor inspectorate. We didn't see a contract, a check or a receipt. And I don't think employees have contracts and taxes.


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