3 Apr, 2020 → by angus
What should not be an air service

Dear Uzbekistan Airlines. Since you have ignored my emails several times, and in the telephone support service I “hung” for a total of about an hour (at a very cheap price), and I heard in return at best lengthy promises, and at worst – “we can’t do anything to you help, “I post my review on this site. Have your customers read this review. If you describe the situation in a few words, they simply lost my luggage and refuse to compensate for the damage referring to airport employees, other passengers, random thieves, etc. All were to blame, except for the airline itself. For my part, I can say that when I came to pick up my luggage, it was not on the transfer tape. The previous flight was from your airline. The initial registration was also at your desk. Draw conclusions – if you intend to use the services of this company do not bring anything of value with you, but it is better to do with hand luggage in general. Otherwise, your luggage can be easily lost and no one will be held responsible.

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