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Very Unprofessional Company

Hi my name is Tyesha White and I currently reside in Bossier City La. I'm writing because almost a month in a half ago I purchased a vehicle there from CarOneAutoSales. I paid cash for the car in the amount of 5800.00 for the past 2 weeks my car has not been drivable. I took it to a auto repair shop after getting it towed who stated the car has a sensor tracking device on it. Which is placed for non payment of a car note which has shut my car down keep in mind I paid cash!! After contacting this dealership for almost 2 months about why I haven't received my title now this. I have learned that whomever they brought the car from had a lien thru the bank. Nonetheless the dealership is stating it's nothing they can do & still haveny came up with a title. It's clear now bc the car was wrongfully sold & I dnt rightfully own it. I have put an additional 850.00 in the car for parts, paid 65.00 for towing, 200.00 for gas back and forth to work and dnt know how much I will have to pay auto repair shop bc as of now the mechanic is saying 540.00 which he got approval from Erica who works there who is now saying we will cut her a check for half, keep in mind I dnt stay in Tx but La. Now the device has been removed with approval from the dealership and j have no way of paying for it. Nonetheless this sensor should have been removed before it left the lot.
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