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Unfriendly and rude attitude


This happened today, as of 09/19/2021 at about 12:10pm, in the location of Brea Union Plaza, 2345 E Imperial Highway, Brea, CA 92821 in front of the men's fitting room. I was waiting for the tailor to have some alteration while the tailor room is in a room next to men's fitting room. The tailor arrived, then this lady serves men's room asked me to go to women's fitting room and the people there will call the tailor. I was like"???" Then I confirmed with her if she is sure because last time I was sent to the tailor directly and that's why I was waiting for the tailor outside the men's fitting room. She replied as I was stupid, "Madam, this is men's fitting room". Come on, I am not blind and not stupid. What you need to do is just let the tailor come out and measure me. And you want the tailor walk to the women's fitting room and come back? Why? I didn't say anything, but decided to talk to the store manager before I left. The tailor walked over and apologized, but this is not her fault at all and she wasted time walking back and forth too. Before I left I did talked to the manager and he assured he would talk to her supervisor. I told him being a customer for so many years, this was the first time that I want to complain and I feel bad for her co-workers.
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