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Unfair Working and Hiring Practices


I worked for both New Concepts in Marketing and Crossmark for over 1 year. To my knowledge, I was never terminated from NCIM. I was terminated from Crossmark due to performance. Performance, I later learned was because I was late 3 times. I received one warning letter. It didn't matter that I arrived early and stayed later to perform demos. I was an acting lead (so I was told) and never got a lead's pay. I made sure that all my stores ran smoothly and efficiently. 6 months later I was told that I couldn't be a lead unless I was food certified. When NCIM merged with Crossmark, I was told that a recruiter was calling both me and my daughter so that we can transfer. They called my house, talked to both of us, but for some reason, they recruited my daughter and left me out of the loop. I called and mentioned this fact, and the HR told me that they would look into it. The President of NCIM gave me excellent references, as well as everyone in NCIM who worked for me. Crossmark told me that they would review my file. So I thought. I got a copy of my file from Crossmark and there was only a couple of sheets in it, all from Crossmark, nothing from NCIM. I asked where all my references from NCIM and told me that's all they had, which is strange since they told me that they reviewed my personnel file. I later found out that they only looked at Crossmark's personnel file and didn't even look at the NCIM file! The reason they told me was that they can't access my file since I was never recuited to transfer from NCIM to Crossmark. Let's not even go into the difference in pay ($10.00 for NCIM and $12.00 fro Crossmark). Sure they will reimburse you for mileage. But if you look at your assignments, you are never far enough to be able to be eligible! They have very poor business ethics!
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