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Unfair Patrick

WHAT should be done is the casino should get sheets signed by employees to really s3 what an obnoxious p4ece of garbage Patrick is and either remove that garbage or send him to siberia or worse ,the classic casino or move that *** head oe the mid sgft and back to overnight.he shouldnt be allowed to work at times when the majority of the creek customers are in attendance.u mgt should look closely at his pourous record and how that jerk treats people.would he like personal suits against him and bosses.workers hate him .so do customers.its stupid to keep that guy.it is not subjective opinions.fact!
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He made me leave yesterday this is my second issue with him he didn't look like he would be head of security but I guess he is he asked me for my ID I told him I don't have it I'm 31 there is no reason I should have to shoe him.then he told me write my name down so I did he told me do you have Facebook I can look u up that way in my opinion that's creepy af but my fb is under a different name so I knew he wouldn't find it in my opinion he needs to find a job harassing people for no damn reason
simone | June 19, 2022 | Reply
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