3 May, 2020 → by customer01
Total ignore from stewardesses

Total ignore from stewardesses. I would like to express my indignation at the behavior of the stewardesses at this company. For some reason they probably knew, they practically ignored me! I tried to buy some alcohol, the stewardess promised to bring it, but then they all stopped noticing me! I bought a ticket at a normal price, without a discount, paid for extra baggage – am I really not entitled to basic attention? I will add that I behaved quite adequately…

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My friend, are you sure that you behaved completely adequately? =)
99meters | May 06, 2020 | Reply
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You should to be more persistent, stewardesses often overlook me too
Kate | June 07, 2021 | Reply
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yes of course I was polite and didn't bother anyone
customer01 | May 06, 2020 | Reply
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