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THERE IS A THIEF WORKING HERE . . . . and management doesn’t care!!!


My iPod and Bluetooth earbuds were stolen out of the center console while my car was parked here! $350 in items stolen. We were forced to use the valet service instead of self-park, so I had to give my keys over to get a parking space for the weekend. I wasn’t prepared for this, and was in a hurry to get out of my car and get on their shuttle bus, so I didn’t try too hard to hide my iPod; I put it in the center console among various cables, chargers, etc. When we returned from our trip 3 days later and were driving home, I asked my wife to grab the iPod out of the console – she couldn’t find it. We pulled off the freeway, tore the car apart looking for it, but it wasn’t anywhere. In the process, I also noticed that my Bluetooth earbuds were missing. We returned to the parking garage and informed the people working there what happened and they were seemingly dumbfounded. As if to say, “how could something like that ever happen here?!” A man who claimed to be the manager came over and asked to have a look around the car, just to make sure we didn’t miss it somewhere or maybe because he didn’t believe us, not sure. They asked for a description of the guy who checked us in and I did my best to recall him, but nothing seemed to ring a bell with them. They claimed they would look into the situation, check the security cameras (yeah, right), and get back to us in a couple days. Big surprise . . . that didn’t happen. I called 3 days later and a rather aggressive woman got on the phone and explained that they don’t take responsibility for items left in cars and they print it on the ticket so customers are aware. Think about this . . . the people who have the key to your car are telling you ahead of time that it’s quite possible things might be missing from your vehicle when you come to claim it, and it’s not their fault. I understand the majority of people working there are probably decent people and wouldn’t dream of stealing from their customers, but there’s at least one person working there who does, so I recommend parking your vehicle elsewhere. If something changes and they make amends, I will update this review.

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