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Superior Detection Systems

I just movd into a home that had a SDS system installed. I called SDS this morning to inquire on pricing to have the system activated. I was told that all salespersons were on calls and was asked if I wanted to leave my name and number to have someone call me back. I told the man on the phone that I would have to call back later in the day, that I was at work on a break and would call back on my lunch. Twenty minutes later my personal cell phone rang and it was the owner of the company. I questioned him on why he was caling me, when I had stated I would cal back when the time was more convienant.He then stated that he was the owner and really wanted my business. I told him I was not very impressed so far, being that his company had disregarded my wishes and called me. He then got very upset and started using profanity at me. I asked for his managers name, he stated he was the manger and laughed, finding humor in the fact that there was no higher person to express my concern. I preceeded to tell him that I was very disappointed that an owner of a company could treat and talk to a potential customer that way. He then informed me that he owed me no customer service, because at this time I am not a paying customer. I hung the phone up. For three hours after that, the manger Michael called my cell phone harrassing me and hanging up the phone. Some calls were made from the company phone and some were made from a blocked line coming through as UNKNOWN. I have never in my life been talked to by a company manager before, and never been harrassed for three hours for questioning a company's right to privacy for the consumer and a managers customer service skills! This is my warning to all interested persons in home security..... do not call this company!!! Thank God for ADT!
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