12 Jan, 2022 → by Sipho
SIZWE Hosmed – a scam of a medical aid scheme

We gave birth to our baby on 14/10/21 at Vincent Pallotti Hospital in Pinelands (Cape Town). My wife was discharged on 16/10/21. A hospital bill of R34k is still not paid because the hospital put wrong dates on its remittance to Sizwe Hosmed Medical Scheme. When that was corrected early in December 2021, I was told that it won’t still be paid because the hospital used a wrong code. That was ultimately corrected by the hospital late in December 2021. Notwithstanding that, the bill is still not paid and no-one is simply calling me to explain why it is still not paid. I have made a number of calls to Sizwe Hosmed Medical Scheme since November 2021, and is it unpleasant as I had to hold-on waiting for a customer agent to pick-up my call. When an agent ultimately answers my call, I am required to repeat myself over and over, evidence that their system does not keep a trail of conversations with clients. I have decided to part-ways with Sizwe Hosmed Medical Scheme because I had a difficult relationship with the scheme from the start as my membership got suspended for no reason a few times including the fact that at some point their records showed that I RESIGNED when there was no such instruction from myself. I kept my side of the bargain by honouring all the monthly premiums till December 2021 BUT SIZWE HOSMED MEDICAL SCHEME NEVER HONORED ITS COMMITMENT. I feel they are ethically bound to pay the hospital bill of R34k as I was a member in regular standing and no premium was outstanding at the time and it remained as such until December 2021.

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