Altice USA
Altice USA
29 Dec, 2020 → by customer01
Seems good but not enough

It’s only three weeks I’ve been dealing with the provider, and I’ve got something to say about the service and attitude to the customers.

Firstly, I had plenty of issues to fix at the very start, which is not a trouble if an online staff is ready to give a helping hand. I didn’t have any help vis voicemail or phone, which was the first red flag for me.

Secondly, I consider myself a prospective client ready to pay a thousand dollars cash for my office’s equipment. I’m also ready to entrust my office and the current equipment to the professional Internet providers able to deliver flawless service.

A prospective customer deserves a respective attitude. I want my requests to be fulfilled. If it’s not possible to do this immediately, I want to be notified about the time I can have a conversation with an online specialist.

They kept pushing the dates and ignored my further claims. I have no idea how it turned out because I have no claim for general service, which is overly satisfying. I just wanted not to be ignored at times I needed help. Thank you.

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