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SCAM–Offered job and then no phone or interview confirmation—email bounced back not working.


Responded to an Indeed ad for a Senior Sales rep in Chicago. A generated response to me was made and I selected one of the three times. I arrive for the 8:00 AM appointment. The office was open but the "manager" said he was not even aware of the appointment. Nontheless, he interviewed me for about an hour and said that he was very impressed and offered the job. I said I would get back to him within 48 hours but was very excited about the offer. He said I could have a "shadow exprience" with him to get a better feel for the actual job selling the product. He also said he would send me via email a voice interview of a typical sales call. I left excited about the position. I never received the email with the voice of a sales interview. Also, when I tried to email the manager/owner, using the brouchure I was given about Master Shiedl, the email bounced back saying invalid. I called twice in the 2 days since the interview expecting to formally accepting the offer. I never received a call back or an email. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. NOT SURE IF IT DOESN'T HAVE ANY CUSTOMERS OR HAS NO INSTALLERS IMPLOYED OR WHAT. A SCAM THOUGH. I WAS APPLYING FOR A HIGH LEVEL SALES POSITION---FROM $150K --$250K, READ REVIEWS AND DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY.
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