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RE: ORDER NUMBER: TS-1037**** As a professional photographer (wildlifephotoworkshops.com), years of being a Topaz Lab user and consistently recommending Topaz Labs products to my students and clients I am about to abandon the product. I currently got an e-mail to update my DeNoise product. I went to the Topaz lab to update it and got a message that I could save money by updating to the Utility Bundle using the Completion Pricing. I was under the understanding that by purchasing the Completion Product I would get the JPEG to RAW product and the DeNoise License and Upgrade. It was very poorly explained on the website that these were separate products. I got the JPEG to RAW program only to install it and find out that it wouldn't work on my Big Sur Mac. So now I spent $50 on a program I really didn't want. I only bought the JPEG to RAW program because I was under the understanding that it was part of the Upgrade to DeNoise. To add insult to injury it doesn't work on my computer. Unless we can work this out immediately I will be contacting my credit card company to cancel this transaction and e-mailing my entire contact list of 600+ photographers to withdraw my support of HIS tyour company and warn them not to use Topaz products as it is a rip-off. To solve this product to my satisfaction, so I can believe in your company again, I would like either a full refund and credit to my credit or an upgrade to DeNoise with a $10 credit to my credit card (as $40 was what I would have paid with the coupon I had) or an additional no-charge upgrade to DeNoise and I will just wait until the Big Sur version of JPEG to RAW arrives. What happened to Topaz Lab, you used to be such a great company? Most Unhappily, Scott Frier User's recommendation: AVOID THIS COMPANY It's become a money pit.This used to be a great company, than they got greedy and started becoming very vague and trickey with their offers.
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