Animal Airways
Animal Airways
1 May, 2020 → by chronometro
Return or change a ticket? never!

When I bought plane tickets, the website clearly indicated that tickets can be returned or changed 14 days before the flight. I bought a ticket, but when it turned out that my friend should fly instead of me, the company refused to change the passenger data. Indeed – on the ticket in small print it was written that the ticket is not exchangeable and non-refundable. That is, the information on the site is different from the information on the ticket – and this is a critical mistake, is not it?

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LOL ... to reach the moment when the passenger cannot return or change tickets - this is an old trick of the video companies. I had a situation .. I agree with the author! I clarify that I had a similar but with a different carrier
abrahamab | May 06, 2020 | Reply
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