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Resolved: Fraud and Customer Service


Update by user Apr 16, 2020 After many phone calls and emails and threatening to contact our local TV station that handles consumer complaints they finally sent me a refund check. However, I would never recommend them to anyone in the future. Original review posted by user Mar 17, 2020 Received call in October 2019 to do a new bundle with AT&T and save $100 a month on the new bundle which would include an upgrade to the new fiber network and a home security plan. After accepting and their installation of the security system we found out that AT&T fiber was not in our area and they could not complete the deal. So we cancelled the whole contract and asked them to remove the security system. They said they would but never scheduled a tech to remove the security system. Talked with AT&T and was told they were not from their company and they would never recommend Safeguard America since they have their own home security system. After numerous emails and phone calls to the guy who did our contract I finally gave up and started calling the company customer service. it took them 3 months to get someone out to remove the security system and then they said after they checked the equipment in they would issue the refund they had charged us for 2 months. Now we have been waiting for over 3 months for the refund. They are not a reputable company and don't keep their word and misrepresent themselves as AT&T employees. I even had an AT&T employee on the line when talking to them and he asked them for their AT&T employee id and they said they were not allowed to give the number out. He said that is why they have id's and that if he really worked for AT&T he could give it out. The guy hung up after being questioned by a real AT&T customer service rep. User's recommendation: Avoid at all costs. They make false statements and customer service is non-existent.
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