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Remodeling Scam


My husband and I hired this company (company owner is Joseph Prada) to remodel our bathroom and gave him a significant deposit. He promised that he would have the job done within a two week time frame. On the first day that his workers were supposed to arrive, they never showed up. He never called with an explanation, but when we called him, he said that they got detained by another job. He promised that they would be here the next day at 9:00 am. One man arrived the next day two and a half hours late. Joseph said that this man was his “miracle worker,” but had trouble remembering his name. The worker left after approximately three and a half hours later. The following day, two workers came in the afternoon after promising to be here at 9:00 am. They worked for about three hours, and told us that they would be back the day after Christmas. They never showed. They left a huge pile of trash in our front yard, which they promised to take with them, and never returned. We have called and texted Joseph countless times, and would always get an excuse, such as “they said they were coming, let me call them and get back to you,” but would never hear from him. We have yet to hear back from him at this point, and are left with a gutted bathroom, a giant pile of trash in our front yard, and with most of the money gone. Upon doing further research on him, we have found similar complaints. We just want our bathroom remodeled! We have also heard that he has company addresses in Forney, TX and McKinney, TX, and that his also goes by J & S Remodeling

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