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First off……THEY WILL DO AND SAY ANYTHING TO GET YOU IN….With that said, it’s all a scam. I am a veteran. They told me I would get all kinds of extras because of my status, including $200 a week extra. That was a lie. They said I would have home time after school. Another lie. I finished school and that’s when I dis overed the lies. They broke the law!!!! PERIOD! The training……a joke. 1 day class room, 3 days driving ( joke) 3 days ” backing”. Then you test. If you pass, they give you a trainer….yeah….Can’t train someone from a sleeper…..If you’re lucky your trainer will pick you up the day after. If not you get stuck in the dorm. Not to worry, they pay you $25 a day per-diem…Oh, what ever you get paid during waiting for a trainer….they take out of your check. The recruiters LIE……You don’t get paid during school, no home time during school, and they dont provide ANY food……The dm’s dont care about you, the training coordinators cant help you. My coordinator was going to look into what I was promised by my recruiter……..she got fired…..coincidence……I think not. And other companies wont hire you from cr england….And the driver trainers……your job as a trainee…..make them money…..they dont care either…DO NOT WORK FOR CROOKS………

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