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Overbreeds /disease puppy

I purchased a puppy at Rockhurst from Beth in September 2018 Just to warn new buyers that she is still using Dolly and Rufus to have nee litters Dolly has had many many litters My pup was born with Congenital Liver Disease and she told me that by getting his blood tested prior to his neutering was the cause of his Liver DysplasiaAnt reputable vet will tell you blood work should be done prior to any surgery She went ballistic in texting me that I was hurting my puppy and the needle for blood work made him sick $6000 later for Biopsy,inward growing molars at 7 months and trips to the Specialist were stressful and painful for the puppy
Be aware of her previous numerous broods from each female
I’m surprised that Dolly is still able to hold any puppies inside she has been bred multiple multiple times
She lies and is in it strictly for cash If you ask get any questions that might be information she’d rather not be honest about she becomes very angry and lies
There are many other Breeders and my testimony is still on her website even though I have officially complained about her to the Havanese Fanciers who tapped her hand when my complaints were backed by Specialist reports No changes to her over breeding her females because she doesn’t want to pay for new females or have too many dogs to look after so she uses Dolly Rod , and one other one over and over
My puppy is beautiful and sweet but his medication is lifelong and so are expensive blood tests to monitor his liver enzymes
Plus she charges more than any other breeder

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Poor dogs, it is awful. Hope the puppy will live long and happy life
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