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Not packing well the semi truck to even have moved

truck was packed and And a 12' table was hung on the side it came out 6" from the truck and the side wall tore 15' up items are not wrap such as antique player piano O or brand new $4000 Weber grill items just set on top of each other such as old teapot on top of a Box, boxes not closed and sideways so items can spill out. I Was charged for supplies as you can see they left the wrapping and they also left boxes that are still strapped together and 4 large boxes in another picture and there are pictures of items I had to get help to move out to get the picnic table off the side wall and stood up on the side I want them to return and get this taken care of or refund all my money. I called the estimate or and send him the pictures and he said he was very disappointed so he contacted the office in Denver they called me and insisted I had went on lying and requested and estimate to come out which I obviously did not. They had me speak with the general manager Ryan who became so frustrated and rude he said I will call the estimator and look at the pictures and get back with you that was August 16th at 2:32 in the afternoon no word as of yet I re contacted the estimate or and he stated I'm not in the office often so when I'm there I will speak with Ryan to see if he can resolve this I think this is ridiculous for no return calls but it appears that's their MO.
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