5 Sep, 2021 → by ClaimboUser180309
My atm was a hack on my sportybet and deposit the money into paycom


Someone hack my Sportybet and entered my deposit profile on Sportybet and use my ATM digit to deposit into my Sportybet account and later send the money to Paycom account.I wil provide to you the 2 paycom account end with..6833 and..0996. I want you to help me so that my labour on this money will not go in vain. I have made a report to my Bank and I have wrote a letter as well. They have reply me with complain ticket, also Sportybet have said they will provide for the person account and assistance to the issue. Please help me for God sake. I will be available if you need me or my present with Sportybet account and bank ATM evidence. They withdraw #500, 000 between 09:29 am to 09:31am same day (Friday 03/9/2021).
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